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We buy our diamonds from some of the major site holders in the industry. Because of our enrollment in one of the major diamond on-line software programs, we are able to research the best price on any particular carat weight, color, clarity, or make of diamond as well as obtain certified diamonds. We also have a large selection of diamonds in inventory.

Colored Stones

In addition to the more common gem stones (Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds) we have some of the market's more unusual gem stones such as Paraiba Tourmaline, Chrome Tourmaline, Tsavorite Garnet, Mandarin Garnet, Alexandrite, Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, Burma Star Ruby, Blue & Green Star Sapphire, Burmese Red Spinel, Benetoite and Red Beryl to name a few.


Lab Created Moissanite was introduced in the Dallas market by C3 (now Charles & Covard) in 1998. It is a near colorless lab created gemstone that is next in hardness to diamonds and has 2.4 times the dispersion of diamond. We are a "Platinum" jeweler of Moissanite Created by Charles and Covard. For more information on Moissanite please visit their website at www.moissanite.com.


We sell South Sea Cultured Peals, Akoya Salt Water Cultured Pearls, Fresh Water Cultured Pearls and Tahitian Cultured Pearls. Pearls can be strung to your specifications and chose of clasp.

Estate Jewelry, Period Jewelry, Estate Watches

We appraise, buy, sell and repair estate and previously owned jewelry.  We are able to repair older jewelry (rose gold; filigree) and replace Old Mine Cut diamonds and Old European Cut diamonds as well as having stones cut to replace missing stones.

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